Tribute bands

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Tribute bands

Post by Gangster »

I was wondering what other members thought about tribute bands, as there are lots about these days, playing the music of groups that either never tour anymore or else only do one or two gigs in giant stadiums at giant prices. I went to see one such tribute band years ago and it was one of the best concerts I ever went to. They called themselves "Porkwind" (as a band, not a digestive issue)(doing Hawkwind material) and they were absolutely stunning. Sadly I read they gave up after a few years as they could make more money in their day jobs, but what tribute bands have other members seen and been impressed by?
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Re: Tribute bands

Post by Grab74 »

Years ago (like 1993!) I saw a Doors tribute band who were absolutely fantastic. I was 19 and I'd only heard the Doors a few times on the radio. Having something like 2 hours of it, my mind was absolutely blown!

I'm not such a fan of ones like the Bootleg Beatles where the show and costumes are a big part of it. The ones who really concentrate on the music and live for the songs, they're the ones I can more get behind.
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Re: Tribute bands

Post by Mentorforfem »

I got hooked on Chicago (formerly known as Chicago Transit Authority) when I bought their very first album in 1970.
Very sadly most of the original members are no longer around.

However Chicago’s songs are now being performed by Leonid & Friends to such a high standard that the description of “covers band” or “tribute band” is not really appropriate in my humble opinion.

Put your headphones on and listen to these very fine musicians. Then post your thoughts back in this topic.


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Re: Tribute bands

Post by Jonspank »

i disagree with your comments re the description cover /tribute bands as thats exactly what they are, saying that i go to see the Australian Pink Floyd Show who are excellent but i never forget they are playing someone elses creation in the style of the originals.
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Re: Tribute bands

Post by Keith »

I have nothing to say about cover bands except that I used to be in one... or two... and no, I didn't play the drums, even though as a top, that would be the most obvious instrument for me to 'play'.

I have something to say about this topic being in the 'about the site' sub-forum, but instead of saying anything, I've just moved it to 'off topic' where it belongs. Enjoy the discussion everyone.
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